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Jun 27, 2019

Mark Hentemann has been investing in multifamily since 2000, building a personal portfolio of 14 Los Angeles apartment buildings.  After honing his skills for a decade, achieving success in both good markets and bad, Mark started Quantum Capital RE, and is its principal.   He has completed 50+ value-add multifamily investments, remaining passionate about it as a superior investment.  His mission is to share his knowledge and help friends and like-minded investors achieve their goals.  He’s also an Emmy Award nominated writer/producer who has written for David Letterman, Family Guy, and created shows for Fox and MTV.  He lives in Los Angeles with this wife, Lynne, and their three daughters.


He speaks with us about the difference between real estate and show business, his first deal and how the recession effected him and his investors.


The Rundown


Fall in love with the process, not the goal.


David Letterman

Family Guy

First Duplex

Just Commit

Long Term Outlook

Loving Your Work

The First Deal


1031 Exchange

Real Estate vs Entertainment


2008 Recession

Dead Cat Bounce

Raising Capital


Rent Control

Market Choice

Cost Per Sq Ft

Distressed Properties

Protecting Your Downside


Buildings with Character

Personal Driving Factors

Habits For Success

Hardship Builds Character


Book Recommendations

Upcoming Projects

The Power of Vintage

Recap & Action Steps




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