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Dec 14, 2017

Jay Papasan (VP and Executive Editor of Keller-Williams) always dreamed of being an author. In 2000, Jay took the leap from a career in publishing in NY to move to Texas with his wife--who gently encouraged him to get out of the house and meet new people. Jay serendipitously landed with the Keller-Williams company. He became fast friends with Gary Keller who was an integral mentor in his real estate career in both sales and investing. Sharing the dream of writing, Gary and Jay collaborated on “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor” and most recently “The One Thing” which topped the Wall Street Journal’s Hardcover Best Seller List.

In this episode, Jay Papasan details the defining principles of “The One Thing” and plainly explains how this is a framework that can be applied directly to Real Estate Investing. What is your One Thing? What's the one thing that is your priority? That will get you the biggest result? How do you make it into a daily habit?

Jay touches on the importance of spending time with your calendar to plan your week, month and even your year and shares the unexpected truth about multitasking. Thank you to Jay for a highly engaging podcast full of vital information that is easily applicable in both business and daily life!

-Keller Wiliams
-Behavior assessments
-Investing in people
-RE Tech
-Broker relationships
-The One Thing
-Why multi-tasking doesn't work
-Creating your bunker
-And much more!
Jay Papasan - Author, Executive and Corporate Speaker -
The ONE Thing
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