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Dec 21, 2023

In this enlightening episode of the Jake and Gino Podcast, join hosts Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro as they dive deep into the intricacies of investment funds with the insightful Bridger Pennington. 

Bridger, the founder of two investment funds and an eight-figure hedge fund, Ugly Unicorn, shares his remarkable journey from starting businesses in college to managing significant investment funds and helping others do the same through his online program, Fund Launch.


00:00 - Intro
04:10 - Why Bridger Whent to College?
06:13 - Jake stops the podcast
08:47 - Bridgers Take on College
15:01 - Bridger, His Dad and His First Fund
20:18 - The Right Type of Person To Start A fund
24:48 - Negatives of Starting a Fund?
28:51 - Tips on Raising Capital
31:47 - Asking About the Close
37:24 - Scaling a Fund?
40:37 - Bridger Describes his Fund
42:54 - Authors that Have Guided Bridger and Informed His Business
45:30 - Jake and Gino Talk About Their Outlook on Funds
48:19 - Getting Ahold of Bridger
54:13 - Gino Wraps It Up

Key Highlights:

  • Bridger's unique start in the world of funds right out of college.
  • The evolution and success of his fund, Ugly Unicorn, in the blockchain and crypto space.
  • Insightful discussions on the importance of understanding funds, whether you're starting one or simply looking to invest.
  • Bridger's personal story of growth, mentorship, and the lessons learned from his father, a successful fund manager.
  • An exploration of different fund types and the challenges and rewards of managing a fund.

Episode Timestamps:

  • 00:00 Introduction to Bridger Pennington
  • 01:23 Bridger’s early business ventures in college
  • 04:02 Discussion on the value of college education
  • 07:43 Insights into the mindset of successful fund managers
  • 17:22 The challenges of raising capital for funds
  • 24:00 Bridger's advice on effective capital raising strategies
  • 36:24 Scaling a fund and the business dynamics involved
  • 47:55 The societal impact of large institutional funds

Special Moments:

  • Bridger's multilingual skills and how they play into his business acumen.
  • The light-hearted banter between Jake, Gino, and Bridger, making complex topics accessible and engaging.
  • Bridger's candid sharing of his failures and successes, providing valuable lessons for aspiring fund managers and investors.

About the Guest:

Bridger Pennington is the founder of investment funds, including Ugly Unicorn, and the creator of Fun Launch, an online platform dedicated to educating and assisting in fund launches. His expertise lies in the realm of hedge funds, venture capital, and private equity, with a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency investments.

Connect with Bridger: