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Nov 22, 2018

Since 2007 Jeff has been investing in multi-family and student housing assets in emerging markets. Jeff focuses on all aspects of projects including; underwriting, acquisitions, investor relationships, contract negotiations, business systems development, business management and asset management. He has proposed, implemented, and supervised million dollar budgets for government agencies, as well as private and public organizations. In 2017, Jeff Greenberg left his career in Network Engineering for good. Now he serves as the CEO of his own company, Synergetic Investment Group, LLC. He talks to us about what markets he likes and which ones he avoids, his view on mentorship and how he built his team.


Jeff’s Website:


The Rundown

That First Deal
Learning from your Mistakes
Investor Return
Value Adds
Picking Markets
Tips on where to start
Bring Me Value
Teaching Styles
Organic Team Building
Ginos Wholistic Underwriting Program - Market, Owner?, Property?, Financial Analysis
Bring A Deal, Not An OM
Tips for Raising Capital
Student Housing
Habits for Success
What to Read
Letting go of Limiting Beliefs
Learn Skills
And much more!

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