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Jul 23, 2020

Chris is the founder of R3 Coaching, a company dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their personal and business growth goals through speaking, group training and one-on-one coaching. Chris is an international speaker who has enthralled crowds as large as 4500 and trains small groups inside of companies weekly. Chris has dedicated his life to enhancing others by speaking and teaching on leadership and personal and professional development.

He is also a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team and as the newly appointed Executive Vice President of Maxwell Entrepreneur Solutions, he is a product of the program leading a global team of over 30,000 speakers, coaches, and trainers.

He speaks with us about the 21 Laws, consistency and leadership.


The Rundown

Personal Development

Extreme Ownership


I’ve Heard That Before


I Was Wrong

Collaborative Leadership

Knowledge & Experience



Picking On Josh


3 Pillars of RE

SPY Technique

Law of Priorities

Effort vs Results

W2 Job

Attitude vs Actions



Start Small

Generational Differences


Read To Lead

Book Recommendations

Habits for Success



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