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Jan 26, 2023

In today’s podcast we talk with Jeremy Delk, a serial entrepreneur and as Gino puts it another “unemployable”. Jeremy takes us through the formative years of his childhood and how the death of his father peeled back the layers creating a mindset shift for him that fuels him to this day. As a young adult Jeremy used his mindset change to affect his environment and, utilizing technology, was day trading through college, making more than any of his professors, and losing over 2 million all in his early 20’s. Jeremy shares his breadth of experience with us, gives advice to young investors and shares insight with us on how looking inward and shaping himself informs how he looks at business, trading, investing and charity.

Jeremy is a father, husband, entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and author of Without a Plan. From humble beginnings in a small town, blue collar household, Jeremy has become a successful entrepreneur with a list of accomplishments that includes being named number one on Inc 500's fastest-growing companies. It’s no wonder his advice is sought after by countless aspiring entrepreneurs.

Key Insights:
00:00 Intro
01:20 Jeremy's story
03:26 Book Origins & Death of His Father
07:32 Experiences Shape Investors / Losing 2 million
11:13 Market Parallels
13:09 Advice to Young Investors
15:31 Creative Entrepreneur Breaking Away from Fidelity
17:18 Finding His Soul-Purpose
21:10 Human Formation
31:08 Best Habits for Success
32:58 Tips for Scaling Business
38:08 Book Recommendations
39:50 Wrap Up

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