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Oct 2, 2015

Good accounting can make or break your real estate investing career. It’s no surprise that lenders prefer working with investors who outsource their books to a 3rd party. But there’s more to the story than just outsourcing your bookkeeping. In order to create a scalable business, its important to partner with a firm that utilizes the proper software, the cloud, and value based pricing. Just think about all the important factors that go into bookkeeping and accounting for real estate: • Accounts receivable • Bill Pay • Reconciliation • Tax Strategy and Planning • Depreciation • Cost segregation • Financial Reports (income statements/etc.) • Tax Returns ... and the list goes on All of these areas have long-term financial implications, and they’re much easier to accomplish when you partner with a progressive firm that share’s the same goals. Jason Lawhorn touches on all of these points and more in this week’s podcast. Marketplace longevity hinges on the ability to reinvent one’s self. Jason Lawhorn embraces change and strives to soar into the “cloud.” The power of integrated software caught his eye and he recognized that by investing wisely in this technology, a higher level of accounting could be accessible for the small business owner. Just out of high school, Jason was employed by his father’s accounting firm.  He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Master of Accountancy, with a focus in technology systems.  Although he may be young, he has over twenty three years of public accounting experience, with 13 of those being in management.  In 2011, Jason took the position of President and CEO of Lawhorn CPA Group, adding to his repertoire of experience.