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Jun 1, 2021

In this episode of Movers & Shakers, Josh & Gino interview Ace Karimi and Akam Ahmedi. The topics touched on include:

  • Learn to understand and analyze data. It is a huge component of your real estate entrepreneurial success, right from getting the leads to deal analysis and closing.
  • Also it is not just about data. Real estate is largely a people-driven business. Learn how to network effectively and work with people.
  • Clarity, focus and persistence are key to achieving goals. Learn as much as you can and keep enhancing your investing and people skills.
  • Education x Action = Results

Ace and Akam are the co-founders of Invest Holdings, a real estate investment firm that is dedicated to buying A and B apartments that provide double digit returns to our investors. Before apartments, Ace and Akam wholesaled and flip completed over 90 properties earning over $2 million in fees & flips. The duo has been working to keep Invest Holdings on track to acquire $300 Million in assets by 2025.