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Jul 22, 2016

Thanks to everyone who attended our podcast last week. As promised, we are answering your questions more in depth on this weeks podcast. Here's the list: From Chuck ‪"Loved the story about your 1st deal in TN, the mom and pop Shamrock Apts. You found a way to purchase the $600k apts with only $80K. Where did all the money for the property upgrades, service upgrades, website, systems come from?" From Carolyn "‪Are insurance rates comparable to singe family residence per door? - do you carry extra liability - do you require renters insurance" From Adebayo ‪"How does this work for someone in Canada?" From Stephen "Do you guys get nervous about a commercial mortgage adjusting after 5-7 years?" From David "How do you establish credibility with Brokers and Lenders for larger multifamily properties if you don't have a track record of having done deals?" From Lawrence "What is the least amount of money that I will need?" From Davi "Dealing with Rookie Brokers, Old Established "gate keepers" would be Our Biggest Challenge because of ...."How they think" Nina "Do you find the deal first or do you line up financing/investors first?"