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Dec 29, 2016

In this episode we interview Bill Manassero of Old Dogs REI network. Bill has spent the past 11 years of his life serving with his family as missionaries to orphans, abandoned and at-risk children in Haiti. Bill said that it was one of the most incredible and beautiful experiences of his life. He and his wife Susette founded an organization called Child Hope International that helps the people of Haiti. They have seven children, four grandchildren and another 50 beautiful Haitian children at Child Hope's Lighthouse Mission orphanage in Haiti. Bill has since returned to the US and shares with us his story of how smart investing in multifamily real estate started making money for his retirement. Buying apartment buildings has given him the cash flow to support himself and his familyand. Bill started the website and podcast Old Dog's REI Network and currently teaches about multifamily real estate investment online.


In this episode you will discover how make smart investments with

Bill's success model:

1. Plan for investment
2. Pre-educate
3. Get a Real estate mentor
4. Post-educate
5. Take action

And much much more!


Bill Manassero's Site: