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May 26, 2016

After personally training with leaders in the industry that you may have seen on TV, like Robert Allen, Pete Solaris and Dave Seymour, Peter Asmus's real estate knowledge is extensive; encompassing Mobile Homes, Single Family Homes, Multi-Units and Commercial, but his Passion is Raising Money for projects, getting you to think differently and taking action now! Working Investors from Australia to Canada and every Time zone in-between, Pete’s been investing, speaking and coaching for years. He’s personally trained 100’s of students for these Industry Experts. Pete has now built a huge platform for his clients that provides real results not just what “should” happen. He was focused on the biggest problem in our industry, lack of action due to lack of comfort level, and solved it! In this episode you will discover: • Internet land grabs. • Deal funding. • How to be resourceful. • The value of your reputation. • Turnkey investing. • The power of positive attitude. • How to be selective. • Continuous education on the go. • The ups and downs of real estate investing and much more! Pete Asmus is a Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Award-winning Radio Host and Author. Pete is Editor/ Publisher of Investor Quarterly™ and owns the Largest Commercial Real Estate Group (2nd largest Real Estate group) on LinkedIn. He also is the founder of Asmus MEDIA Group and finally the Capital Aggregator for The TURNKEY Investor, a boutique private investing service for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Business Professionals.