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May 14, 2019


Jamie Gruber and Benoit Malige are an investment team focused on Multifamily acquisitions. They have 32 units between them and are under contract on 22 more. With the creation of a fund, their capital raising efforts are increasing as they look to acquire 500 units within 5 years. They have created the Multifamily and More investing club with branches in 8 cities around the country. Through this medium they have acquired deals, raised money and Have grown their community to nearly 1000 investors!  They are focused on building their brand to add maximum value to the investment community and outline their experiences as they grow their company, CF Asset Group.

Benoit Malige

Benoit started his career in hospitality in France eventually becoming an operations consultant for Luxury Hotels and Resorts. He was responsible for seeking underperforming segments of the of the food and beverage operations and provided solutions to increase revenue.

Benoit discovered a passion for real estate in 2015, obtained his Real Estate license, and later joined a RE Investment company.  He was directly responsible for the acquisition and management of over 300 single family homes in Michigan. Benoit shifted his focus to multifamily in 2018, after building a small portfolio himself which he has built to 27 units. He also owns and operates a Turnkey Investment company operating in Cleveland, OH, and averages 10 deals per months. Benoit is working on a development project building 10 duplexes and a 40 room hotel on the west coast of Florida. Lastly, he is setting up a fund to tackle larger apartment complexes with Jamie and his third partner.

Jamie Gruber

Jamie is an experienced real estate investor and insurance executive currently residing in southeastern Michigan.


A native of New York and former resident of Boston, Jamie has invested in both states and currently owns 21 units in New York and Michigan. He has experience with rehab, renovation and property management. Jamie is turning his attention to the Michigan multifamily market and has invested heavily in networking and branding to acquire deals including starting a fund with his partner Benoit.


Jamie is married to Silvia and is the proud father of two boys - Sebastian and Julian.


Jamie is also the host of the Multifamily And More Podcast