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Mar 16, 2021

In this week’s show, Julia and Gino are joined by Nathan and Monica Herber, a happily married couple of 12 years and proud parents of Caiden Emmanuel, their adopted 5 year old son with special needs.  They made the leap into multifamily real estate investment at the start of 2020 by blowing up their retirement savings. They, however, consider this to be the smartest financial move they ever made! Currently, they own 49 units in joint ventures and are working to develop new, attainable housing in their new hometown of Greenville SC.


Nathan, originally from Lafayette, Indiana, is the Founder of Cornerstone Community Capital LLC and a licensed architect with 15 years of experience in commercial and mixed-used real estate developments.  Monica Herber, a native New Yorker, is a Certified Life and Marriage Coach, the creator and blogger of The Joyful Unknown, a website dedicated to helping other parents like her find joy in the journey of special needs living.


Julia & Gino have been close friends of the Herbers for years, and were honored to have them on the show to share their story of personal growth, from struggling with infertility, to adopting a special needs child, to moving out of NY and relocating to a city where they had no friends. Nathan had a revelation one day that if he metaphorically went deeper into the woods, he would discover more about life and that would lead to personal growth. And every time the couple decided to “go deeper into the woods,” amazing things happened to them.


Monica also shared her personal belief of living with joy every single day, and not to take anything for granted.  She recently studied and became a certified life and marriage coach, which has led to more joy and happiness in her life.


To learn more about Monica, visit The Joyful Unknown.


Nathan can be reached at Cornerstone Community Capital