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Feb 25, 2020

Welcome to the Movers and Shakers podcast. Our guest this week is Wil Glafenhein.

Wil has always considered East Tennessee his home. In fact, with both his father and grandfather being a part of the building and real estate industry, serving the community of East Tennessee has been a family affair for over 60 years. Wil has proved himself to be one of the brightest and hardest working real estate professionals in his field. He has welcomed clients from a wide array of backgrounds and fully serves them with eager knowledge and ability. In just his first 6 years in the real estate industry, Wil has produced over $100 Million in sales has solidified himself at the most productive individual agent in our entire region.

Wil previously worked for Managing 500+ employees which brings a truly refreshing professionalism and perspective to the real estate industry for every client he serves. He can relate to demands and schedules of his clients who are high up in the corporate ladder and need efficient and accurate advice.

He also enjoys competitive sports and is active throughout the community in participating in a variety of events. In 2005, he traveled to Australia and represented the United States of America as a sports ambassador in competitive basketball tournaments. In 2010, he fought for Golden Gloves of Knoxville and was the South Eastern Champion for his weight class. Wil and his wife, Devon, are proud parents to their son, Titus Coley Glafenhein and their daughter, Kate Adeline Glafenhein.