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Feb 23, 2023

Levi started his vocational journey in minimum wage jobs stocking shelves and mopping floors. He decided to join the military in 1999 and upon leaving he started working selling gym memberships which was his introduction into sales. After being called back to service for a 12 month tour in Iraq he came back to work selling cell phones, then pharmaceuticals, and after that he started his own business selling financial services.

Levi was doing great, traveling the world and making money. Then 2020 rolled around and COVID shut everything down. Over the summer of 2020 his transition from financial services to real estate occurred. In order to start and make himself stand out in a competitive marketplace he saw he had to market himself in order to stand out amongst a sea of Real Estate Professionals. 

In the day and age of the Internet, tactics have changed and customers have become more savvy. Levi talks about "Passive Prospecting" in relation to Passive Income. Prospecting is the act of building a client / customer list in order to build your business and in turn passive prospecting is creating clients / customers passively, the key he says, is video. 

Levi talks business and working ON a business and not IN a business, he explains how lead generation for a business used to happen person to person but because of video instead of selling to one person our bandwidth has increased and we're able to sell to thousands at one time leveraging video. Content is king as he explains, leveraging it in order to sell your product or service is the key.

Passive Prospecting, Levi’s Book that comes out March 7th. In it he talks about passive prospecting as an overall concept and ties it in with Youtube strategies as a whole, Building out your channel, SEO, etc.

Levi's Bio:

Levi Lascsak is a speaker, coach, and CEO of Passive Prospecting. He released his first YouTube video on December 5th, 2020 as a brand new real estate agent. He had not sold a home until the first quarter of 2021. Levi then partnered with Travis Plumb, and they closed their first 2 transactions from the channel in April 2021. Over the next year, they generated 164 transactions, $90M in production, and $2.7M in commissions with zero ad spend from the channel. They now own the fastest growing and most viewed real estate YouTube channel in Dallas Texas and generate 3-5 inbound leads per day. Levi is on a mission to help 10,000 real estate agents launch their own YouTube channel and generate passive prospects.

Levi's Book - Passive Prospecting:

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