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Nov 4, 2020

Mike Taravella and Will Coleman Interview Carson Hess of Development AI.

Key Information:

Development AI is a software that allows real developers and investors to find and evaluate zoning regulations and restrictions for particular parcels of land in a given city. 

Each city and town has zoning laws specific to that area. Finding and evaluating these laws is a very time consuming task for developers and syndicators.

Real estate and construction are both technologically antiquated industries. Finding ways to use technology for common tasks 

Zoning 101: 

  1. What zone is the property located in?
  2. What use is permitted per the zoning ordinance?
  3. What are the dimensional regulations associated with the type of building you want to develop?

The best way to learn about development is to find major developers in your local market and figure out ways to work with them on a development project..

Expert Pro Tip: “Talk to everybody”

Contact Information: 


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Instagram - Carson_hess




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