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Sep 12, 2019

Oscar, an Ex-Division 1 college tennis athlete turned entrepreneur, founder and CEO of his own company, has helped thousands of clients from all over the world in the past 20 years.  His passion for business has led him to work directly with David Finkel, CEO of Maui Mastermind, to deliver the "Build a Business NOT a Job" message through one-on-one coaching, as well as speaking and helping business owners grow their business without sacrificing their lives. As a business, real estate, and financial investor, he is always looking for opportunities to "Build Wealth Outside of Your Business." 

   One of Oscar's passions is continually building up and motivating others to understand that family, faith, joy, quality of life, and financial success can all be enjoyed without sacrificing one for the other. Oscar has travelled extensively around the world to foster business relationships, speak at international events and create strategic relationships for his business ventures. 

   Oscar is married to his wife, business partner, and best friend, Andrea. They love, besides their daughter Mila, traveling the world for weeks at a time, particularly to South America and Europe. Oscar is currently working on his first book, which he plans to release by 2020.

   He speaks with us about systems, the 4 D’s and the time/value matrix.


The Rundown


Getting Started

Limiting Beliefs

Keep the Hunger

Shifting Mindset

Creating A Business

Lasting Value


Avoid Getting Stuck

Formulate an Objective

Transactions Pay The Bills

Equity Makes You Rich


Investor Mistakes

3 Pillars of Real Estate

The 4 D’s


Time/Value Matrix


Top Grading

Scaling For Efficiency

Sharing Brilliance


There Long Haul

Professional Part-Timers

Avoid The Shiny

Core Values

Habits For Success

Working Above The Line

Focus Days



Book Recommendations

Oscar Walks Into A Bar

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