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Mar 26, 2020

Nathan Trunfio is a real estate lending and investing expert, with a career that has spanned the entire real estate financing spectrum. He’s a real estate investor himself and is the President of DLP Direct Lending Partners, a private lender offering fix and flip, SFR new construction, rental, and multi-family bridge loans to real estate investors across 30+ states. 


Nate takes pride in having expert-level real estate investment knowledge in multiple asset classes, and has financed over $1B in loans on single family and multi-family assets. In addition to leading DLP's lending business, he’s developed a multimedia platform, Talking Loudly with Nate, which leverages his expert position to provide other investors insights into all aspects of real estate investing.


In 2017, Nate joined DLP Direct Lending Partners and has helped the company reach exponential growth. Last year, the company doubled in both revenue and loan fundings, which contributed to DLP being named as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies.


He speaks with us about constant improvement, vertical integration and potato chips.


The Rundown

The Honeybee on Audible

Personal Development

Mortgage Lending

Vertical Integration


Alignment of Culture

Thirst to Improve

Work Ethic




Human Capital




Core Values

Mission Statement

Rigorous Goal Setting

Processes vs Results


Business Progression



Time Investment

2nd Shift

Talent Poaching

Stay In Your Lane

Single vs Multi

Project Management

Vetting Deals

Long Term Thinking



Starting A Fund

Attracting Investors

Proof of Execution

Capital Raising

Potato Chips

Habits for Success

Continuous Improvement

Scaling Up

Book Recommendation

Upcoming Projects


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