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Oct 15, 2020

Ari Rastegar is known for both his specialized expertise in real estate and his contrarian investment strategies, and is considered a leader of the next generation of real estate managers. After graduating from Texas A&M, Ari went on to receive his Juris Doctorate degree from St. Mary’s University Law School, and became licensed to practice law in Texas in May 2009.

Ari founded his first real estate investment firm in 2006 while still in law school. Since then, he has built a portfolio network designed to reduce risk and provide strong quarterly cash flows, with an emphasis on asset classes such as self-storage, multi-family, office, retail, and industrial. He’s been recognized for his specialties in recession-resilient strategies and commercial real estate investments.

Ari has maintained his commitment to a purposeful life that drives Rastegar Property Company to “do good by doing well,” and is a longtime supporter of charitable organizations like Save the Children and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

He speaks with us about Austin, the coming recession and plant walls.


The Rundown

  • Law School
  • Contracts
  • Documents
  • Car Sales
  • Student Loans
  • Wives
  • Risk Assessment
  • Wall Street
  • Private Equity
  • No Regrets
  • Flipping Burgers and Houses
  • Learning From Failure
  • HNWI
  • Ego
  • Building
  • Learning Multifamily
  • Austin, TX
  • The Kyle Project
  • Don’t Lose Money
  • Texas Advantages
  • 2nd Amendment
  • Florida
  • Risk
  • COVID-19
  • East Coast Migration
  • Cost of Living
  • Golden Triangle
  • Tertiary Markets
  • Recession/Depression
  • Underwriting
  • Trends
  • Habits For Success
  • Diet
  • Age Management
  • Getting Started
  • Partnership
  • Book Recommendations


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